A Sailor's Prayer

Sailors pray,
For fair winds and a following sea

The smell of salt in the air,

The feel of their skin as it's touched by the spray

An albatross soaring above,

Dolphins in the ship's wake at play

To witness a work of art that only God can create,

The sunset at the end of day

At night a million stars in the sky,

Safe anchorage in an islands lee

When the time comes to die as for all it must,

To awake in Sailors Heaven where nothing ever rusts

And always there would be,

Fair winds and a following sea

C. D. Williams.

Members That Have Passed
Jack Saxe (2017)
Kevin P. Donohue (2017)
Daniel Kane (2016)
Alice Zimmer (2016) 
Lou Modica (2016) 
Margery 'Peg' Terry (2016) 
Barbara Turner (2015)
Warren Gilman (2015)
Tom Winchester (2015)
Dominick Attisani (2014)

John C. Baum (2014)
Lester Siems (2014)
Henry Hackmann (2013)
Stanley Sills (2013) 
Alex Pearson (2012)